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Consultancy Service

Our handcrafted Home Accessories offer a complete selection of contemporary, classical, craved style ranging from Balinese, Tropical and European styles and designs, which are aspiration lifestyle products, breathe of functional beauty.


With our Modern, Classical, Traditional handcrafted pieces, we cater to a niche market, which has strong aesthetic sense and are passionate and emotional about their homes.  We take pride in offering our customers the finest quality and contemporary styles.  We strive for the highest standard in excellence, creativity and constant innovation, which are clearly reflected in our product knowledge and differentiation.


We are retailing lamps, terracotta, decorative plates, paintings, indoor pots and garden pots, display sculptures and other home décor accessories.


Our home decorative products are handcrafted which was made from wooden, ceramic, stone, glassware, brass and etc.


We welcome customers sourcing for any sort of handcrafted designer piece and/ or artifacts with specifications.

One of our most successful value added service is our sourcing services.  We act as Purchaser or Buying Agent for our Customers mainly dealing with special designer items in Sarawak and sourcing for overseas customers.  We help in finding vendors and develop product.  Negotiate pricing, coordinate purchase order, buying process, receive and disburse payments to vendors.  We’ll be there to perform quality inspection based on customer’s specifications.  We’ll be further make arrangement on picking up the goods, packing, transport, ship and export to our customers.


Our Suppliers are the kings of their trade and only the finest and most exclusive products would be delivered to our customers.  Our Suppliers are master craftsmen of their trade and produce exclusively for us.  Each piece embodies style, perfection and the pride of its craftsmen.


We are attempting to source and bring to our discerning customers, beautiful and exclusive products from Java.  We are not mass produced hence every piece is an original.  With us our customers can rest assured that the piece that adorns their home will be one of a kind.


Customise Furniture

Custom make designs are our specialty.  We are the preferred source of many customers as they know the strength of our designs and custom make assistance, the surpassed quality of our local and teak wood products, our dedication to customer’s satisfaction and our reliable timely deliver.

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